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Paulette Ensign is a born organizer. In fact she was once the national president of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Her life changed forever back in 1991.

She reviewed the tips she’d been giving others over the years and turned them into two little booklets. One’s called “110 Ideas For Organizing Your Business Life.” The other is “111 Ideas For Organizing Your Household.”

Get this. Without spending any money on advertising she’s now sold over a million copies of just these two booklets, now available in four languages.Paulette Ensign, tips booklets guru Those startling sales launched her business. Helping others find the same success. And I know first-hand Paulette is an astute helper.

She now shows others how to become more well-known and make money, by sharing their advice, in handy little tips booklets. To promote your business you can spend a lot of money on business cards and on fancy, four-color, coated stock brochures with photos. (How many people keep them?)

Or you can craft your most helpful advice as a concise set of tips. Offer them in a booklet that people will want to get, use and share. Booklets are considerably less expensive to create and more credible to view than promotional pieces. Picture your tips booklet as a keeper. It can keep you top-of-mind when the people you seek to serve need your kind of service or product.

Want to reach more of your kind of clients while spending even less time and money? Perhaps create a new profit center?

Then find other reputable experts who serve the same kind of clients that you serve. Invite them to co-create a booklet with you. All of you can share it with your clients and prospects – thus multiplying the times, ways and places that warmed-up prospects discover you, your expertise and your business. The best expert I know on tips booklets is Paulette Ensign. She’s helped people create booklets on topics as diverse as enjoying retirement, adopting a dog and party planning.

In this interview she describes several simple, low-cost yet profitable ways you can leverage your expertise with others to make more money – without working more – in co-authored tips booklets. Then discover still more ways you can collaborate to attract more customers. You may be surprised as I was that one apparently mundane title has been a big seller in the U.K.

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