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Freakanomics, Wisdom of Crowds … and Your Big Book

Why do we do what we do? Books with a big idea about how we live, work, spend, think or otherwise behave are, well, big right now. And you have a notion about how things happen now, in our flattening, new normal world. Right? Not got the time to write the book? Then create a “title-as-theory” in just a few moments. Use the Malcolm Gladwell-endorsed, patent-pending Big Idea Book GeneratorTM brought to you by Wired magazine. With your quick input the Generator will spit out a “title, subtitle, and premise” – just in time for you to show off at your next meeting.

Who knows? You might get inspired to actually write the book.

There’s more. Other clever people have also contributed their talents to create mechanisms that spur our creative thinking, our ability to play with words.

Get help in making up a name that has special meaning for you, or your secret “elfish” male or female name. Create nicknames, or pet name for those you adore or names of people for your fantasy story or your game. What do you want to call your Web 2.0 start-up?

You an even create your own name generator.

By this time you may have grown weary of all those new words and be ready to take on a new word game. Get rid of jargon with Bullfighter. Then, with a little help from slide, shift from naming to playing with images.

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