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Sending 250,000 colored balls bouncing ….

… down San Francisco’s hilly streets. That’s Jonathan Glazer’s captivating way to announce Sony’s next generation of TV sets, with “colour like no other”.

That prompted the ultimate compliment, a parody.

Yes, unexpected tumbling and color are “in”. Move on to watch the exploding 18,000 gallon paint dance over a block of abandoned Scottish high-rise buildings, set to a celebratory Rossini score. Just 70 seconds.

That was Danish director, Nicolai Fuglsig’s creation, perhaps influenced by his past work as a photo journalist covering Kosovo.

Now, ready to see Play Doh bunnies hip hopping across New York streets?

But we saved the best for last, perhaps inspired by The Way Things Go.

In a remote Argentine village, Fuglsig and team create a mega-dominos game that tumbles down through town to tip furniture, tires, burning haystacks and, well, we won’t spoil then end for you. Just 90 seconds. It is Guinness’ most expensive ad ever – and virally well worth it. But these ads-as-adventures will spoil you for the “regular” ads you (non-Tivo users) must sit through when you watch TV.

Detonators, animators, carpenters, set designers… imagine the diverse talents with whom Fuglsig gets to collaborate when he creates “first of a kind” vignettes.

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