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Why Companies Will Do Great Work for You – For Free

As a business owner, especially if your business is small, wouldn’t these words be sweet music to your ears? Along with submitting a bid for a large project, a respected vendor told Robert Middleton, “We are willing to do your project for free if you introduce our services to the people on your email list.”

Middleton earned this generous offer by attracting a loyal and large set of clients (49,000 newsletter subscribers too) over two decades. Two key points if you want to be a valued partner who can attract offers for free services or products:

1. Middleton can clearly define his niche market. (They are independent professionals) That’s the only way he can recognize the other companies that his kind of clients need. The best of those companies are his most valuable potential partners.

2. His clients trust his recommendations. Such trust is equity. It can be as valuable as owning a building because, like Middleton, you can forge partnerships with other reputable businesses that enable you to attract more clients and spending. In so doing you dramatically reduce your need to market and your overhead costs, thus increasing your profits.

In this interview hear how Middleton built his business and uses alliances to speed his success.

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