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Do you lead your life in reaction to others?

I often do, despite myself. Want to become less surprised by what “happens” to you. Don’t let somebody else determine your behavior. Expand your awareness to gain a greater understanding of your life with others.Learn from the masters, guided by a learned mentor. (When did this start sounding like an infomercial to you?) Bear with me. You’ll be happy that you did. I discovered an educational program crafted with loving care by a non-geek (yes the site looks “traditional” and he knows it) former investment banker. Meet slightly eccentric, multi-talented Andrew Flaxman. He left the financial world to help others “become more confident, creative, and effective.” Or, put more briefly, let remarkable minds like da Vinci, Jung, Steiner and Mozart show you how to “think with your heart.”Now don’t stop reading. You’ve gotten this far. After writing, then volunteering at Akamai University, Flaxman recruited a remarkable faculty for a spiritually-slanted liberal arts program you can take online – with or without a mentor. Then share your ideas with other students on the forum.If Flaxman can connect Little Red Riding Hood to living a more conscious, then some of his courses might resonate with you too. Who knows? Maybe a social media expert will be so taken with the program that she or he will help Flaxman re-design the site to support this bountiful offering. (He’s eager to find such a guide.) Also see the bountiful Wisdom University for more ways to learn on your own.

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