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Want More Sponsor Money for Your Member-Based Group?

Then provide companies more value. In one of those “Why didn’t I think of this earlier?” moments the leaders at Professional Convention Management Association adopted a simple and very successful change.

They invited would-be sponsors to underwrite events and other programs throughout the year, not just at the annual conference or other one-time opportunity. The basic offer to major companies: Pay more for a multi-year time period and gain considerably more “touch points” with members. Result? PCMA tripled its revenue in just three years. Now that’s a great example of SmartPartnering. Done wrong, sponsorships annoy or even anger those one seeks to serve.

For more ideas on doing it right read this interview with sponsorship expert, Emily Rogers. Any size or kind of group could adapt this model to reduce costs and to offer more value to attendees.

PCMA is even co-hosting a conference on the topic (with sponsors of course). And the current issue of their magazine, Convene, features a cover story on how cities are partnering to offer meeting planners a package: rotate your annual conference between our cities and, together, we will offer you extra value. SmartPartnering can be efficient, profitable and contagious.

Want still more ideas on how to attract sponsorship money while making your meetings more interesting – and less expensive to attend?

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