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Monthly Archives for August 2008

You’ve Got Five Loooong Minutes to Grab Their Attention

It takes a tenth of a second to form an impression. So imagine how difficult it is to hold their interest for five minutes. That’s a short time for you and a looooooong time to them. For practice in being memorably brief, find or start an Ignite group. They are popping up all over, including in my hometown of Portland where an early social media mentor of mine spoke – Adam DuVander. Baltimore, Phoenix, Philly and Seattle are hosting them too. As in Pecha Kucha gatherings you are limited to 20 slides, advancing automatically every 15 seconds. But that’s in… Read More

Humorous Way to Get Out the Vote

Encourage your neighbors to vote. Download an unusual yard sign. Over 24,000 people voted for 50 artist-designed signs at My Yard. Our Message. Thank you Bri Bigaouette for my favorite, and Dave Brynestad and DK Lockhart for my follow-up choices. As Chip and Dan Heath suggest in Made to Stick, the unexpected Read More

Avid Photographers’ Alert: New Way to Get Noticed and Paid

Imagine your photo in a boutique hotel lobby, illustrating a magazine article or in another public place – and getting compensated. Here’s two crowdsourcing ways that could happen. A prospective client can find your photo on iStockphoto – or you could take a photo for a special assignment – and allow peers vote for the best one. Read More

Are you influential enough to be targeted by google?

If you are, google wants to place ads on your blog or the profile page on the social network(s) to which you belong. Last month, google filed a patent that will help the company find key influencers in each network. How will google find you? Read More