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Where Love Belongs – at Work

Every once in awhile I’m going to share a Me2We kind of nugget from someone on my blog roll. You can see it now on the right side of the page, scrolling down to “RECOMMENDED LINKS.”

What better way to start than with love, at work, no less. So, let me introduce you to Chris Bailey who wrote, “When you talk about love in the workplace, most folks think of inter-office romances or tawdry office affairs. At the very least, our culture teaches us that love should not be part of our workplace vernacular. That’s unfortunate since it is love which energizes us toward new heights and gives us courage to take authentic action.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been reflecting on what Dennis Bakke in Joy At Work says about love and its place in our worklives. Rather than running away from love because it’s “mushy” or “soft” or simply “inappropriate,” what else is there?

‘It is love that allows us to give up our power of control. It is love that allows us to treat each person in our organization with respect and dignity. Love sends people around the world to serve others. Love inspires people to work with greater purpose.’

As for when we feel attacked or misunderstood in our work, Bakke continues with his own experience:

‘Love helps me understand why some colleagues, supervisors, board members, and subordinates did not subscribe to my theories or behave in a manner consistent with our highest principles and values. Love makes it possible for me to forgive those who derided my views and caused me so much pain. Because love is directed toward others, it allows for the possibility that my critics were right and I was wrong. And, if I was wrong, I would hope that love would enable my detractors to forgive the forceful way I pushed my philosophy.'”Margaret Wheatley would probably agree.

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