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Be More Valuable By Increasing Your Mental Ambidexterity

In a bad economy don’t be blind to opportunities. Use your limited resources well.   Savor your work with others. Hackneyed advice? Yes.  Yet you can increase your chances for all three

 by hiring,  partnering or otherwise collaborating with people who, like Leonardo Da Vinci, “cultivate ambidexterity.”  They use their whole mind. They are often outliers.

Such multi-talented people are innately oriented towards 

cross-training.  Fewer people (who are ambidexterous) can do more better. Also, per Steve Neiderhauser, they “can imagine the future” in ways that “a linear worker” cannot. To anchor in your mind this notion of cultivating diverse talents (in this case, art and technology) read about the bronze horse “That Never Was.

Here’s good news. You can alter your brain’s capacity at any age.  Read How the Brain Changes Itself by one of my heroes, Dr. Norman Doidge.

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