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Beyond the Sharks: Make Your Class Come Alive With YouTube Vignettes

Shark and dolphin stories grab students’ interest but attention wanes when it comes to sponges, mollusks, starfish and their kin. A marine biology professor in Maine learned from his son on how to keep his students involved.  A lesson that any teacher  – or trainer, coach or speaker

 – could adapt. The Me2We part is that this approach involves showcasing the best work of people in your field – and other areas of interest where you see a connection to your message.  Plus your presentation, showcasing their work may attract them to suggest collaboration with them.

I’ll bet professor Robert Klose enabled students to literally picture the innate importance of that fragile web of “exotic invertebrate” life that supports the larger animals in the ocean – and thus us.  It helps, of course, that he’s an extraordinary writer.  

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