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“The Iraq War is Over”

Today many New Yorkers were given the faux-copies of The New York Times with that banner headline.  Other stories concocted by this liberal cadre of volunteers announced that universities would now be free to attend, ex-secretary apologizes for W.M.D scare and Thomas Friedman was resigning.  Even the ads are fake. Unlike the Onion, the issue is not laugh out loud funny but it is clever and attention-getting, now going viral.  Now that design and print tools are cheaper, this is a labor-intensive yet valuable way to attract a crowd to your view of an issue, cause, product, club, company or other group. And, with a tribe of people who all benefit from this action, the actual per-person time goes down while the camaraderie among the group may go up. So it may be worth considering how you could adapt this fake newspaper idea to support your group’s top goal.

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