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We Do Better Together – Books That Show Us How

I started this blog soon after The Age of Engagement morphed into a flood of 

ideas on how “we” can accomplish more together. Here are the books I’ve mentioned and authors I have interviewed. Crowdsourcing (Jeff Howe), Here Comes Everybody Clay  Shirky), groundswell (Charlene

 Li), Emergence (Steven Johnson), Six Degrees (Duncan Watts), Herd (Mark EarlsPull (Pamela Walker Laird), Wikinomics (Don Tapscott), Culture of Collaboration (Evan Rosen),  Kindness in a Cruel World (NigeBarber),  Cultural Creatives (Sherry Anderson and Paul Ray), The Wisdom of Crowds (James Surowiecki), Connected  (Daniel Altman), Convergence Culture (Henry Jenkins), The Black Swan (Nassim Nicholas Taleb), Consensus Conversation Larry Dressler), Infotopia (Cass Sunstein), A Whole New Mind (Dan Pink), The Starfish and the Spider (Ori Brafman), Spiritual Partner Support Groups (Susan Page), Predictably Irrational (Dan Ariely), Turning to One Another (Margaret Wheatley), Nexus (Mark Buchanan), Linked (Albert Laszlo Barabasi), A Rulebook for Arguments (Anthony Weston), The Neuroscience of Fair Play (Donald Pfaff), On Being Certain (Robert Burton),  The Argument Culture (Deborah Tannen), Who’s Driving the Purpose-Driven Church? (Rick Warren),  Be the Media (Peter Broderick), The Future of Reputation (Daniel Solove),  Smart Mobs (Howard Rheingold), The Way We’ll Be (John Zogby), Walk Your Talk (Kare Anderson), Multiplicity (Rita Carter), Tribes (Seth Godin), Authentic Happiness (Martin Seligman),  The Back of the Napkin (Dan Roam), My Startup Life (Ben Casnocha), New Tech, New Ties (Rich Ling), Get Slightly Famous (Steven Van Yoder),  Johnny Bunko (Dan Pink), Send (David Shipley and Will Schwalbe), Personality not included (Rohit Bhargava), Innovation Killer (Cynthia Rabe), Sway (Ori and Rom Brafman), Who’s Your City? (Richard Florida), Me to We (Marc and Craig Kielburger), The Brain That Changes Itself (Norman Doidge), Now Discover Your Strengths (Marcus Buckingham), Why Good Things Happen to Good People (Stephen Post, Jill Neimarand Otis Moss), Compassion in Action (Ram Dass), The No Asshole Rule (Bob Sutton), Nudge (Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein), The Spiral Staircase (Karen Armstrong), The Lucifer Effect (Phil Zimbardo), Freakonomics (Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt), The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell), Life’s Golden Ticket (Brendon Burchard) and Team of Rivals (Doris Kearns Goodwin).

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