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What Does Compassion Mean to You?

Don’t talk about sex, politics or religion. Remember that advice? What happens now 

that Muslims, Jews and Christians and others around the world are invited to contribute to a Charter for Compassion? To collaborate and come to group decisions. Aided by social media tools.  No anonymity for nasty

 comments. Instead, around the world people can speak up and stand behind their insight for compassion in action. That’s the just-launched mission of TED Prize winner and author Karen Armstrong. 

After listening to her you, too, way want to add your idea.  Part of the prize is support from the TED community to launch this world-changing conversation.

For this former nun and expert on comparative religions this charter-as-movement is a deep-felt mission. She hopes it helps people come together around the commonality in their faiths, rather than turning against each other over the differences.  Compassion is the centerpiece – with eight core elements. See one story from a scholar in Pakistan.

There’s an added benefit for you. As you use the online tools provided by Kluster consider how these tools can help your group become more productive together.


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    RE: My comment to you on 11/6/08 – “p.s. The theme of the entire Obama Presidency could be “Moving From Me to We” …..will you be serving in his Cabinet?”

    I wasn’t kidding. Our country needs you at this level. Put in an application (or ‘drop a hint’) now. What’s the worst that could happen?

    One of my clients was being vetted for a White House appointment (several terms ago……think Dem) and you are of the same level, quality, and mindset! Warm Socks, Mary E. Rossow, Rossow Resources

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