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What’s Your Blog’s Personality? Find Out Quickly

You may recall your Myers-Briggtype. Now, via Typealyzer, discover your blog’s personality type.  Find out in seconds – complete with a description and diagam of your blog’s type. As an  

 INTJ (if I remember right) I somehow write an ISTJ (Duty Fulfiller) blog  – just like Mark Cuban.  Those results may surprise my friends and the SEC. My other  blog is typed as an INTJ (Scientist). 

I don’t know about the accuracy of the underlying ”uClassify” technology created by the Swedes at PRfekt but it sure is captivating. Since many of us are tempted to see how others’ blogs get categorized after we check our own – Typealyzer may go viral.  It is free after all. In true Me2We fashion the inventors are asking for our ideas about other ways to use this technology.

Don’t stop now.  GenderAnalyzer also uses uClassify to determine whether a blog is written by a man or a woman.  (How will you feel if they get it wrong?)   There’s more.  If I compared your writing to a well-known writer – who would that author be?


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