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Atlantic Magazine Wants Our Smart Answers to Provocative Questions

As the thinking person’s magazine Atlantic decided to ask readers to Think Again. In seeking The Wisdom of the Crowds, they invite anyone to answer questions raised by their superlative writers.  (Now that’s a smart way to start conversations about the magazine, online and in-person.)

So far here are some of the questions:

• Is Porn Adultery?

• Was God an Accident?

• Why Are Campaign Commercials So Bad?

 • What’s the Cost of Being a Nerd?

Bet you can guess which question most people click on first.

What questions would you ask? More specifically, what questions might deepen your understanding and ability to connect with your closest friend, your customers, a parent  – or a person who is difficult for you to be around?

I am going to think of questions for those relationships too and write about them later. Meanwhile here are a few of my Atlantic magazine-style questions (tell me yours):

• What’s a Sign of True Friendship?

• What’s the Best Way to Reward Your Biggest Customers?

• What Will Become the New Comfort Food?

• How Do You Define Heroism?

BTW, The Book of Questions remains a favorite of mine and a great way to deepen conversations with friends.

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