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New TV Show Spotlights Do it Yourselfers – Like You

Have you adapted some object to better suit your purposes? Would your invention delight and inspire  others? Get featured on TV, via computer and in a magazine, thanks to a new Me2We joint venture.

Make magazine invited American Public Television and Twin Cities Public Television to join them in launching “Makers.”  Half-hour TV episodes, in high definition, that cover innovative DIYers and their projects.Shows can be seen on online (Vimeo and YouTube) on TV (public, broadcast and cable) or More...via free DRM download. Makers covers inventions as diverse as a VCR-powered cat feeder, oddly-modified bikes and Blubber Bots (robotic inflatables). Thank you Geek Squad. This partnership piggybacks on the growing popularity of amateurs like us making stuff to delight ourselves and share with others – as demonstrated by the crowds at Maker Faire

Other disparate signs of the growing DIY movement include the DIY Network, ReadyMade, cafepress, high school robotics and Build it Solar. In this uncertain economic time why not design something to improve your life, share with old and new friends, perhaps even make a bit of money?  Start here.

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    Thanks for share this sites. I really love those video-howtos. I think it’s easier to follow and remember as if you are reading it. There are a lot of Video HowTos for Dating and Rationship on the internet.

  2. Posted January 6, 2009 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

    Per Guy Kawasaki today, here’s his AllTop list of DIY

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