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Take a Life-Changing Way to Celebrate This Holiday

What’s next for you?

What do you really want to Dare Dream Do now?

See this holiday as an opportunity to reach deep inside to consider what you are most called to do at this time in your life.

What’s atrophied inside your soul?

Most of all what are the passionate interests you keep putting off?

Jumpstart your new life this holiday:

1. What if you spend quiet time contemplating the dream you most want to come true?

2. Making it more concrete in the here and now?

3. Then take a walk/talk with someone close and bounce around the “what if?” idea that keeps bubbling up inside of you.

Imagine actually turning the page to the next chapter of the adventure story you are truly meant to live.  From getting clear about your core strengths to picturing the new characters, scenes and storyline you want to craft, to the very specific methods you can employ to bring out other’s better side so they see and support yours, you can take steps, beginning right now.

To support you on this path, at every step of the way, get Moving From Me to We, my eBook of over 300 tips, buttressed by stories to take you into and through that next chapter where you can experience more joy and accomplishment by using your best talent more often.

Why wait any longer to become a bigger co-author — along with God or the fates, however you see the universe —  to have the life you truly want to live?

As you celebrate our country’s independence why not initiate your own? Ironically, as you are grounded in your dream and act out of your own greater strengths more often, you may find you are savoring more meaningful moments with others.

I look forward to learning with you and from you as we share adventures along the way.

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