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Unexpected Customer-Attracting Event Turns Bland Moments Into Grand Memory

I have a new column over at Forbes and the first posting covers some surprise events I co-created awhile back. I thought of them recently and here’s why. You have probably noticed that, when many people are waiting in line, they are often restlessly staring at their phones even if they are with someone.  We noticed that one lovely summer evening whilst in a movie theatre line in Mill Valley. The air was fragrant with the scent from a nearby flower stand and there were several rather eccentric people passing by.  Yet, we observed that there were as many couples and groups of friends looking down at their screens as there were people talking with each other.

That scene reminded me of how many of us love unexpected opportunities to talk with friends, friends of friends and strangers because serendipitous moments of shared connection often happen. And it is often just plain fun. Sometimes we remember those conversations longer than the thing we were going to. That’s one of the reasons I found it fun to co-create an attention grabbing, customer-attracting experience for people in some other movie theatre lines awhile back.

Yes, I described exactly what we did that got people in line to smile, laugh and starting talking with each other —  in my new column at Forbes, Quotable and Connected. Not only did our surprise event introduce whole groups of people to a delectable new product, it forged friendships among the individuals who collaborated on it, leading to further profitable partnerships. Who knows? You might adapt our partnership method to your situation and also attract new customers and free media coverage.

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