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Are you influential enough to be targeted by google?

If you are, google wants to place ads on your blog or the profile page on the social network(s) to which you belong.  Last month, google filed a patent that will help the company find key influencers in each network.

How will google find you?  See the steps in this helpful diagram by social network analysis scientist Valdis Krebs. Then, if the power of network analysis captures your attention, read Krebs’ and Roger Cohen’s thoughts about Obama’s use of grass-roots networks.  See Krebs’ ideas and work on:

Uncloaking some terrorist networks

• Supporting affordable housing

• Tracking the spread of a disease

•  What books liberals and conservatives are buying. Krebs found that, “the old conservatives have more overlap with the progressives than they do with the neo-cons.”

One, perhaps obvious conclusion from all this network analysis is the Allen Curve: proximity creates opportunities for serendipitous interaction.  That is, “those close by, form a tie.”

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