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What We Don’t Intend to Reveal Can be More Revealing

Like many photographers before him, Richard Zaltman was visiting remote areas of the world to capture images of people living lives far removed from those in the United States. Here’s what made his experience different. One morning, while walking through an isolated village in Bhutan, he suddenly got the idea of turning his camera over to the locals to see what they would consider significant enough to show others about themselves. Later, when he looked at all their pictures, he noticed that most of the photos cut off people’s feet. “At first, I thought the villagers had just aimed wrong,”… Read More

Reach Prospective Clients on Their Turf

“Recognize the Often Hidden Signs of a Heart Attack” is the 30-minute briefing that attracts the biggest attendance when a cardiologist speaks at nearby retirement homes. Fear often drives people to attend so the title gets them in the door. As well: • Briefing, the professional sounding characterization used to promote the session, attracted more attendees than when it was promoted as a “seminar.” (It pays to tinker with your title.) • In advance craft vividly specific and complimentary ways you and your = • Allow time for questions from attendees so you can increase your awareness of what most… Read More

Why And How To Cultivate Conviviality At Work

Sadly, “In 1985 about half of Americans said they had a close friend at work; by 2004, this was true for only 39%,” according to Wharton professor, Adam Grant. Further, “We are not only “bowling alone” suggests Stanford professor, Jeffrey Pfeffer, we are increasingly ‘working alone.’” Yet we still long for meaningful work and a sense of belonging – and organizations that support those very human desires are more likely to spur high performance and innovation. What’s the secret, then, to cultivating close-knit relationships in an organization? It’s something that groups as different as Gore, Saddleback Church, and Quantified Self… Read More

Unexpected Truths About Lying and Liars You May Want to Know

Observing the seemingly glorious times others are having, based on what they share online, tempts us to embellish our own tales. Further, until 2013, we could click on a Facebook advertisement to hire someone to lie for us – about our brilliant successes at past jobs or where we were last night, for example. Modern “social” life is ripe for temptation so it’s especially helpful to recognize some myths and counter-intuitive truths about lying. 1. What Do Those Apparently Shifty Eyes Mean? When someone is telling you something and looks up to the right, they are lying, according to an… Read More

What I Ultimately Learned From My Mortifying Mistake

To this day I’m mortified when I see a box of chocolates. Perhaps sharing this story may save you from embarrassing yourself in a similar way. I was in the Antwerp airport, heading back to San Francisco. Before settling into a seat at my gate I bought two indulgences for the flight home, John LeCarre’s Our Kind of Traitor, and a box of Pierre Marcolini truffles, one of the most popular brands in Europe. Within minutes I was swept into LeCarre’s masterful spy mystery. But I promised myself I would savor my truffles, eating each one slowly. At some point… Read More