Mutuality Matters: How You Can Create More Opportunity
Adventure & Friendship With Others

Mutuality Matters ebook by Kare AndersonMore than money, talent, or your number of contacts, your capacity to create mutuality with others can transform you into a sought-after Opportunity Maker with whom people most want to align.

Be the glue that sticks the right teams together to solve problems or seize opportunities sooner and better together. Discover the key behaviors that enable you to accomplish greater things with others than you can on your own — and savor success together.

In this book you’ll learn more than 140 methods to further expand your capacity to accomplish greater things with others, and savor shared success, including:

  • Over 40 specific ways to forge mutually beneficial relationships, as an individual or an organization
  • How to speak, write, move and appear to pull others closer and be frequently-quoted
  • Ways to turn friction and even attacks into opportunities to attract more allies and elevate the behavior of those around you
  • How to find and recruit the unexpected allies, and craft the optimal situation for your message to gain credibility, clout and media coverage

Highlights include:

  • The Higher the Tech, the Higher the Touch We Crave
  • Nudge Us to Do Better Together
  • Pull Us Toward Wanting it Too
  • Instill Bragging Rights That Boost Participation and Sharing
  • Cultivate an Us Attitude for Us
  • Share in Mutually Beneficial Ways

… and in this edition, you will find these special bonus sections:

  • Moving Through Your Year Into Deeper Mutuality: 52 Sayings for Weekly Practice With Others
  • More Resources for Your Mutuality Matters

Customer Reviews:

5-stars“What a wonderful book demonstrating the importance of mutuality and how this synergy can change our own lives as well as the lives of others in positive ways.”
— Douglas Glover (34 Amazon reviewers made a similar statement)

5-stars“Kare’s work will guide you through insights about why and how a mutuality mindset can help bring out the better side of others and in you.”
— Shawn Murphy (24 Amazon reviewers made a similar statement)

5-stars“In addition to guidance in the book, Kare provides hints and tips of mutuality advice that can be applied the minute after reading.”
— Bryan Kramer (17 Amazon reviewers made a similar statement)

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Moving From Me to We

Moving From Me To We

Stay sought-after, supported and well-known with insights from an Emmy-winning former Wall Street Journal and NBC journalist and author of Getting What You Want and Resolving Conflict Sooner. Discover over 300 concrete ways to become more likable, respected, and frequently quoted., plus related success stories and “what if” scenarios.

See exactly how to pull people closer, attract smarter support sooner and productively collaborate. This popular public speaker has spent the past decade translating behavioral research into ways to accomplish greater things with others and savor your life. Over 50,000 people have bought her earlier ebook directly from her firm: Make Yourself Memorable, and over 300,000 people have heard her speak.

Customer Reviews:

5-stars“Her latest work Moving From Me to We adds depth and power to her already valuable messages.”
— Jim Cathcart (2 reviewers made a similar statement)

5-stars“I’ve been a fan of Kare’s work for some time, via her blogs.”
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5-stars“I continue learn from her with every single interaction ”
— Dan Keldsen

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