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6 Ways to Enjoy Your Life More, Starting Now

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“All of the significant battles are waged within the self,” wrote Sheldon Kopp. Some of our biggest inside battles involve changing habits to create a more meaningful, congenial life with others. Instead we instinctively, unhappily focus our self-talk on two things: those who seem much happier and more successful and our past failures, betrayals and regrets. Try these powerful simple research-based tips for turning the page to the chapter of the adventure story you are truly meant to live now. 1. Live Your Greatest Passion Despite Inevitable Risk “Life is like a 10 speed bicycle. Most of us have gears… Read More

Who You Are Around Affects Who You “Are”

Bring out others' better side and they're more likely to see and support yours.
To turn the page to the adventure story you want to live in 2015 and beyond focus on this as you go through your next few days: Notice the common traits of the situations in which you most thrive and with whom you shine. Only then can seek out more of those kinds of situation and individuals, in friendship and in love. Hint: Where does your best side come out and when are you able to use your best talents? Next, recognize that the opposite of love or fondness isn’t hate but disinterest. Emotions Revealed author, Paul Ekman takes… Read More

Ten Ways Opportunity Makers Jumpstart Successful Self-Organized Teams

From companies to clubs to causes, groups most likely to succeed, today, need to keep top talent engaged by encouraging the nimble formation of self-organized teams to tackle opportunities and problems faster and better together. Those who can actually recruit the right team and be the glue that holds them together must have the reputation for being mutuality minded. How? By creating opportunities, with and for others. By emulating their traits, you can become a sought-after Opportunity Maker. Not only are you able to accomplish more you naturally attract more adventure and richly diverse relationships. This approach supports Stew Friedman’s… Read More

See Serendipity As A Way to Stay Relevant

Meghan M. Biro, in her Forbes column, advocates reverse mentoring, a method I believe spurs serendipitous discovery of unexpected shared sweet spots of mutual interest, as well as shared social learning. Biro cites my former colleague at the Center for the Edge, John Hagel. “Formal schooling and degrees give workers about five years’ worth of useable skills,” according to Hagel and others at Harvard Business Review. Staying open to serendipitous introductions increases the chances you’ll cultivate a flexible mindset, recognizing more sides to a situation and discover more breakthroughs in your areas of strongest interest. Plus you’ll open more doors to unexpected happenings in the adventure story… Read More

Opportunity Makers Have Mutuality Mindsets

Like many of you, I passionately believe that we can live happier and higher-performing lives with others when we enable others to use best talents together more often. Hint: a mutuality mindset probably matters more than your smarts, money, title or contacts in this increasingly complex yet connected world. That belief is at the heart of my TED@IBM talk on September 23rd, which you can watch live: “The Web of Humanity: Becoming an Opportunity Maker.” I am in awe of the line up of speakers on “how to reimagine the world.” Here’s one method to spur greater camaraderie, serendipitous innovation and… Read More