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Seven Traits to Emulate to Become a Sought-After Ally

Apart from honing their top talents, guess what renowned surgeon, author and public health researcher, Atul Gawande and billionaire founder of Virgin Group, investor and philanthropist, Sir Richard Branson have in common? They have two vital and intertwined traits in this increasingly complex world where we are drowning in information. They’ve sharpened their ability to be quotable and to be deeply connected to notable people in worlds apart from the one in which they work. In so doing, they are likely to see trends early and be considered thought leaders on a broader stage, thus being able to attract more… Read More

Reach Prospective Clients on Their Turf

“Recognize the Often Hidden Signs of a Heart Attack” is the 30-minute briefing that attracts the biggest attendance when a cardiologist speaks at nearby retirement homes. Fear often drives people to attend so the title gets them in the door. As well: • Briefing, the professional sounding characterization used to promote the session, attracted more attendees than when it was promoted as a “seminar.” (It pays to tinker with your title.) • In advance craft vividly specific and complimentary ways you and your = • Allow time for questions from attendees so you can increase your awareness of what most… Read More

How to Not Act Like a Jerk When With Someone Who Is

Perhaps one of the most vital ways to sidestep hassles and to become more sought-after is to strengthen your capacity to stay cool when under fire. For starters, discover how can you make someone feel heard and respected – and cool off — when they start acting hostile, blaming or worse. Here are some behavioral “tools” to add to your “toolbox” for the next time someone is upset and taking it out on you. None will work all the time, and some will work better for your personality style than others: Lighten Up When others begin to act “hot,” we… Read More

Support Their Better Side So They Can See Yours

While we instinctively seek to be likable when around others, what’s more vital to connecting well is how they feel about themselves — not us — when together. Consequently it’s well worth focusing on boosting others’ sense of well-being when around us. “A two-year-old falls down unexpectedly. He isn’t hurt but instinctively knows he wasn’t supposed to fall,” writes Bob Burg in his idea-packed book Adversaries Into Allies. “He looks at Mom and Dad for an interpretation of what happened. If they laugh as though it’s funny, he’ll probably laugh. If they panic and act upset, he will most likely… Read More

Tips for Those Who Want to be Rooted in Love

• It is harder to argue when you are holding hands. • Showing appreciation and attention, especially when you least want to show those traits and the other person most needs them, will often bring you closer. • Look to the other person’s positive intent especially when it appears he or she has none. • Saying less and listening more often gets you more of what you want. • Looking directly and warmly, rather than away, often brings out the part of the other person that you most enjoy. • Making and keeping an agreement usually helps the other person… Read More