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Six Specific Ways to Make Your Conference More Meaningful and Memorable

Here are six proven, low cost and high impact ways that meeting planners can generate more value and visibility for their attendees, speakers, and staff. In so doing they build more incentives for future support, sponsorship and attendance at the next conference. 1. After you hire a speaker, ask that presenter to submit three actionable tips (under 100 words each, with embedded links and a related image for each plus a head and shoulders photo of them) that they will offer in their presentation, plus a two-sentence bio with a link to a site where attendees can learn more tips… Read More

Boost Your Visibility and Credibility Via Compelling Comparisons

You may be familiar with the multi-purpose cleaner and lubricant, WD-40. Many Midwestern newspaper readers were startled and amused when they read that a local woman uses WD-40 to keep squirrels from shimmying up her birdfeeder. Adroitly “piggybacking” on this news opportunity, WD-40 CEO, Garry Ridge, quickly did some research then declared to the writer of that article, “More people use WD-40 every day than use dental floss.” In so doing he was evoking the “Compared to What?” quotability cue – and you can too, to make your message more memorable and apt to be cited by others. Hint: It… Read More

Honest Tea’s Unexpected Social Experiment: 5 Ways You, Too, Can Attract an Audience and Customers

As you’re walking down your city street you see an unmanned kiosk, stocked with bottles of tea. A sign invites you to “Take a bottle. Leave a dollar.” What would you do? Would you pay for one, and be curious enough to stay and watch what others do? Many did both. For ten days in August, one year, in this ingenious 30-city social experiment, Honest Tea was using the honor system to see which city had the most honest people. Cameras hidden across the street were covering the scenes that were then uploaded for live viewing globally. Ironically I heard about this… Read More

How Our Gestures Can Connect or Repel

For many years when I was growing up my parents took what some Brits call an evening constitutional – a walk. They strolled, often hand in hand, around the neighborhood – just the two of them. Sometimes, they talked. Other evenings they said little, so I am told. Yet they always came home smiling. Since then I’ve discovered that motion evokes emotion, for good and for bad. Walking helped my parents re-connect at the end of each day. Act As You Want to Feel and How You Want Others To Feel About You How you turn, walk and gesture affects your… Read More

Who You Are Around Affects Who You “Are”

Bring out others' better side and they're more likely to see and support yours.
To turn the page to the adventure story you want to live in 2015 and beyond focus on this as you go through your next few days: Notice the common traits of the situations in which you most thrive and with whom you shine. Only then can seek out more of those kinds of situation and individuals, in friendship and in love. Hint: Where does your best side come out and when are you able to use your best talents? Next, recognize that the opposite of love or fondness isn’t hate but disinterest. Emotions Revealed author, Paul Ekman takes… Read More