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Forge Smart Partnerships to Create Greater Customer Service

Gone are the days when customer service is a boring chore, a necessary evil, an unglamorous afterthought. Today’s customer service has the potential to be nothing short of thrilling. By forging smart partnerships, companies of all sizes can create unexpected benefits and transform customer service from an afterthought into a highlight. 1. Offer a Tantalizing “Extra” Who knows how many people chose to stay at the Ritz Carlton rather than at another luxury hotel because of an added thrill: complimentary use of a new, late-model Mercedes during their stay? Mercedes and Ritz Carlton forged a smart partnership and became the… Read More

Honest Tea’s Unexpected Social Experiment: 5 Ways You, Too, Can Attract an Audience and Customers

As you’re walking down your city street you see an unmanned kiosk, stocked with bottles of tea. A sign invites you to “Take a bottle. Leave a dollar.” What would you do? Would you pay for one, and be curious enough to stay and watch what others do? Many did both. For ten days in August, one year, in this ingenious 30-city social experiment, Honest Tea was using the honor system to see which city had the most honest people. Cameras hidden across the street were covering the scenes that were then uploaded for live viewing globally. Ironically I heard about this… Read More

Offer Loyalty Cards in the Way That Lures Customers Back More Often

You have probably been offered a loyalty card at some drugstore, car wash, coffee shop or other outlet you frequently use. When designed right, they can become one of your lowest-cost ways to lure customers back . Plus such cards can boost loyalty, bragging rights and profits. Here’s how. Now we’re talking about the kind of loyalty card that’s inexpensive to make so independent business owners can offer them. Not the laminated corporate cards. You can print elegantly designed paper cards that get stamped or hole-punched each time a customer buys from you. Of course you can also create loyalty cards that… Read More

Successful Companies Are Like Caring Mothers

Co-contributor, Sandra Zoratti What should you do when someone cries or laughs at work? The same thing a go-giver, loving mother would do. Discern what provoked the emotion then seize the moment to support their greater self-understanding and confidence — and your relationship. No matter what some assert about the need to manage (aka stifle) our feelings at work, “It’s always personal” writes Anne Kreamer. We are happier and higher-performing when we can bring our full self to work, in an atmosphere where differences are welcomed and caring and civility are too, just as in a healthy family. Clearly Sumner Redstone and other bully bosses, playing the bad dad,… Read More

Want to Make Your Company Top-of-Mind and Your Employees Proud?

Even with the priceless brand-building glow enjoyed by a few celebrity CEOs like Richard Branson and Tony Hsiehisn’t it strange that so few CEOs attempt the same success? Odder still, few companies tap the scalable, brand-building power of their employees. In fact, it may be their biggest missed opportunity in our increasingly connected yet complex era. Four More Reasons Employees are Key to Reputation and Sales 1. 41% of us believe employees are the most credible source of information regarding their business. “Employees rank higher in public trust than a firm’s PR department, CEO, or Founder,” according to Edelman’s 2013… Read More