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Honest Tea’s Unexpected Social Experiment: 5 Ways You, Too, Can Attract an Audience and Customers

As you’re walking down your city street you see an unmanned kiosk, stocked with bottles of tea. A sign invites you to “Take a bottle. Leave a dollar.” What would you do? Would you pay for one, and be curious enough to stay and watch what others do? Many did both. For ten days in August, one year, in this ingenious 30-city social experiment, Honest Tea was using the honor system to see which city had the most honest people. Cameras hidden across the street were covering the scenes that were then uploaded for live viewing globally. Ironically I heard about this… Read More

Grow Your Life’s Work With Others By Spreading Your Key Idea

Dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, “runs with as many as sixty-five dogs at time – many of them pit bulls with histories of aggression – without leashes or other kind of restraint,” writes John Butman. That’s because of a life-changing discovery earlier in his life when he saw that, unlike Mexicans, Americans mistakenly let their pet dogs take control. Where he grew up, in Culiacan, Mexico, dogs weren’t trained. They didn’t even have names. But he knew, even as a child, that he had “an uncanny connection with them” and it was by being in charge. That insight spurred him to come to… Read More

Lance Can Helps Us Avoid Our Temptation to Lie

After nearly 15 years of vehement denials, Armstrong may own up, it is rumored. He promises he’ll answer Oprah’s interview questions “directly, honestly and candidly.” Yet this is already a very public, social situation that even includes newspaper ads suggesting the questions Oprah should ask. He has alot at risk. Like watching a kid actually pee in the pool rather than imagining how many people have, the stark reality of seeing Lance Armstrong admit to Oprah he was using drugs, if he does, will hit hard. That’s what Dan Ariely’s research indicates. He’s the author of The (Honest) Truth About… Read More

Five Reasons Why Stoicism Matters Today

Guest column by Rob Goodman and Jimmy Soni, co-authors, Rome’s Last Citizen For all the press that Bill Clinton has gotten for his epic, seemingly-half-improvised convention stem-winder, one of the most revealing lines has barely earned a mention at all. We were surprised to hear Clinton called Barack Obama “a man cool on the outside, but who burns for America on the inside.” Okay, ignore the “burning for America part,” which is cheesy even by Bubba standards. What’s interesting here is that President Obama actually needed someone to go onstage and testify to his passion—to insist that, yes, it was in there somewhere.… Read More

Make Your Message (Almost) as Vital as Air

Despite the millions already spent on one of the highest stakes campaigns now under way, what has either presidential candidate said that you remember? That’s what I thought. Darn little, if anything. How about you? Do people stop listening before you stop talking? Being quotable is essential to attracting more options into your life. Without it you may be rich, smart, hardworking, and even attractive and good hearted yet you are likely to lose to the person who paints a more compelling picture or story. To become the top-of-mind choice in your profession or market, make your message almost as… Read More