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Become A Greater Author Of Your Best Life Story

By aptly connecting in mutually beneficial ways, you have the opportunity to use your best talents and resources better to get more done with less effort and more enjoyment. Further, you can stay relevant and sought-after by becoming a Category of One, as Joe Calloway suggests. As you optimize what you know with others, as Marci Alboher outlined in One Life/Multiple Careers, thus sometimes Reinventing You, as Dorie Clark advocates, you can keep turning the pages of your life story to new adventures. In so doing, your mutuality mindset becomes the strengthening and continuing thread that ties your life story… Read More

Create The Ritual We Can Cheerfully Share

If a hotel can become famous for leading ducks across their lobby at 11:00 each day then certainly your business can become more well-known for some simple yet involving ritual that customers love to photograph and share with others. Make eye candy “first-evers” that attract reporters. In fact it’s surprising that so few businesses and other organizations see the power of memory-making rituals, and that we keep talking about the few that do. AFor example, instead of creating a new ritual a sister hotel simply imitated the duck walk. You can do better. 1. Think quirky As all actors know, a cute kid or animal almost always steals the show. For example… Read More

Be Lazy: How To Kick Back This Holiday to Pull Ahead

Remember When You Used to…. I walked through the hard driving rain, with a college friend of mine, to see his brand new home. He smiled back at me as he opened the front door, turned back, then suddenly paused. Water was dripping down on the floor from a hole in the silvery-colored entryway ceiling. Momentarily silent, he then said, looking back again with a wry grin, “Every silver lining has a cloud.” Unfortunately the woman he later married pointedly reminded him on several social occasions that we probably didn’t appreciate his corny humor. Soon his humor went underground. In… Read More

Make Your Conference the Centerpiece for a Tight-Knit Community

It happened just before I was to go on stage to deliver a keynote. I was so moved to tears by the prior program, that mascara dripped on my lavender blouse. And I didn’t care. I wasn’t alone. For the first time in the conference, many of the 3,000 nurse executives in the audience were up on their feet cheering and hugging each other. The serious looking nurse I’d sat down next was now blowing kisses to the diminutive, elderly woman standing on stage who was being honored by the conference president. Our honoree looked like the proverbial deer caught… Read More

Discover How Your Behaviors Compare With Others

Like to discover your Data Doppelganger? That seems far more revealing and thus fascinating than, say, learning Honey Boo Boo’s nickname for you. Finally, we can put Big Data to very personal use and have fun with it, discovering more about what’s got to be one of our favorite topics. Ourselves. From sex to dreams, how do your habits and beliefs compare with millions of others around the world? Participate Now in the Collective Picture of Our Behavior Thanks to this audacious and ambitious crowdsourcing contest just launched by a great mix of unlikely allies anyone can participate. It is… Read More