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Forge Smart Partnerships to Create Greater Customer Service

Gone are the days when customer service is a boring chore, a necessary evil, an unglamorous afterthought. Today’s customer service has the potential to be nothing short of thrilling. By forging smart partnerships, companies of all sizes can create unexpected benefits and transform customer service from an afterthought into a highlight. 1. Offer a Tantalizing “Extra” Who knows how many people chose to stay at the Ritz Carlton rather than at another luxury hotel because of an added thrill: complimentary use of a new, late-model Mercedes during their stay? Mercedes and Ritz Carlton forged a smart partnership and became the… Read More

Attract More Customers While Spending Less Via Apt Partnerships

Here’s three real-life, partner-based success stories to show you how to attract more customers while spending less on promotion via apt partnerships that benefit all parties. When you’ve read these examples consider how you can adapt these approaches to your kind of business. Goal: Spur more prospective customers to discover your firm via vendors they already trust — and enable your partnering companies to enjoy the same benefit. Hint: Mutuality matters. 1. Serve a Very Specific Niche Better Together Baby Cuisine author Shane Valentine shifted from serving mommies to also creating fresh food for the elderly when he partnered with… Read More

Pull More Customers Closer By Offering Experiences In Ways They Can Share

Walk inside the famous Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and you’ll be immediately swept into a sumptuous holiday scene that includes a giant Christmas tree and a two-story-high Victorian gingerbread house. Yet sadly, like most other businesses that want to delight and engage customers at Christmas, they are missing some big opportunities. You can capture those opportunities, even if you don’t have a huge holiday budget like the Fairmont does. What if you could extend the holiday moments you offer farther into the lives of your customers? What if you could inspire them to share their cheery experience with others? With the… Read More

We, the New Video Storytellers

See Validation or The Chase and get inspired by the innovative ways talented “amateurs” get paid for their co-created video vignettes. You, too, can gather the team for your video story. Media agencies can provide the sponsoring companies that want to be associated, by name, with a positively captivating vignette or story that can be seen, for free online or on our new TV/computer. With the proliferation of screens, we will get used to watching video most anywhere: • The appetite for engrossing, increasingly well-done, short-form and long-form “movies” will explode – and so will the need for content. •… Read More

Create the Ritual We Brag About

If a hotel can become famous for leading ducks across their lobby at 11:00 then certainly your business can become more well-known for some simple ritual that customers like to photograph and tell others about and reporters love to cover. In fact it’s surprising that so few businesses and other organizations see the power of memory-making rituals that we keep talking about the few that do. And instead of creating a new ritual a sister hotel simply imitated the duck walk. You can do better. 1. Think quirky As all actors know, a cute kid or animal almost always steals… Read More
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