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Online Communities and Traditional Clubs Can Learn From Each Other

Even Michael Skoler who leads Public Radio International’s interactive activities was surprised by the huge turnout for Ira Glass’ live version of his popular radio show, This American Life. Wrote Gigaom’s Mathew Ingram, “More than 30,000 watched the first digital show at hundreds of theaters across the U.S. and Canada in the spring of 2008. The next year, 47,000 turned out. They came to be with other fans, experiencing something they all loved together.” Hint: Host a road tour or gatherings where your online community members can meet face-to-face and collectively hear from their stars, their most valued members. Unlike… Read More

97 Tools to Help You to Successfully Collaborate With Others

Whether you’re on a project team, party-planning or seeking customers’ input to improve your product you have more chance of success with the right collaborative tools. Often, the trouble is finding the best methods or tools when you need them. Here’s a shareable list to which you can add your favorites. It’s exciting and overwhelming to see the flood of inventive software, apps and more that pop up every day to help us. Here are some of the tools and ways they can be used to accomplish more with others: • Brainstorm and plan together, drawing your ideas on the… Read More

Find Kindred Spirits or Customers by Sharing the Simple Way

There’s a simple, satisfying way to attract those who share your interests or seek your kind of product. It enables you to demonstrate your expertise and it doesn’t take much time nor cost anything. Sharing helpful tips with those who want them is more appreciated – and credibility-building – than self-promotion. In a time-starved world, the best way for people read your tips may be in a list they find online or via their smart phone. It helps people find you – and it’s a quick read. The more specific the list the greater your chance of attracting the people… Read More

Elevate Your Value and Visibility by Jointly Offering a Speed Coaching Event

Job hunting is dispiriting – often lonely and isolating. That’s why it was so comforting for job seekers to be in a room full of knowledgeable people who were ready to meet with them, one-on-one, to answer their specific questions. From job hunt web sites to career counseling coaches could personalize their advice to each person’s need. Hundreds of unemployed people flocked to this free speed-coaching event in New York. My colleague, transitionist coach Terrence Seamon was one of many coaches who volunteered to sit in “twenty minute sessions, to review their job search campaign strategies as well as their resumes, making sure that… Read More

Profitable Way to Leverage Your Talents & Resources With Others

Help Others Earn Extra Cash Launch a business or adapt yours to enable others to squeeze money out of idle resources – especially ones they did not know could generate income. As the economy continues to wobble you’ll see more businesses that serve this growing need. Just today one such business got modest funding – for that reason. Got some spare space? Then why not find someone who’ll pay you to keep their stuff? Homstie helps make that happen, albeit with an awkward business name. It offers a person-to-person marketplace for storage space. Homstie co-founders, Mario Feghali and Chuck Gordon got $20,000 from Austin business incubator Capital Factory – a pittance by… Read More