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Do Your Best Work Together. Give it Away. Make Money.

Give away downloadable, eco-friendly house plans – and make money? Others could adapt this startup’s healthy Me2We path to profitability, using their kind of expertise. Plus you could enjoy the camaraderie that comes from collaborating on projects that benefit people around the world.

Here’s the story. Working with the highest-rated makers of home construction materials, FreeGreen, a winning, new company of architects, designers and engineers creates plans for green homes, right down to the last design detail. Plans include 3-D images, alternative design combinations, product reviews including information about energy efficiencies, specific to your choice of plans and products – and to your city. Just launched, the start-up offers two plans.

One, a healthy home for young families and another, a loft for down-sizers or first-time buyers.   FreeGreen makes money from the paid placement of products within the plans. Vital to their success, they only pick products that have high ratings or reviews from unbiased third parties.

Another small revenue stream comes from customizing plans.

FreeGreen will grow as the number of plans they offer grows, they attract more downloads and can justify higher fees for placement.  Word spreads fast.

Also in recommending another firm for complete customization, they recognize that SmartPartnering generates more value for everyone. This for-profit model and Architecture for Humanity could cross-consult on ways to download plans, reduce the costs of green construction and grow the movement about eco-friendly building.

This is a wonderful opportunity for local, sustainable construction firms to partner with FreeGreen. Offer to build the homes, as Springwise points out.

Here’s other ways to adapt this Me2We business model.

Are you a fan of eco-healthy buildings?

Do you own a brick and mortar business such as an inn, childcare center, travel store or pet hospital and hotel?

Then you probably went through a learning curve about all the licensing, regulations, systems for conducting your business, from how you plan your day, do you bookkeeping and taxes to promoting your business. Over the years you’ve bought many products and services for your business, some of which you’ve loved. Every company on your favorites list that can sell, at least nationally, is a possible paid product placement – as are the professional associations to which you belong.

Now, profit from your experience:

• Create a great “how to” guide for others who want to jump-start a business like yours.

• Consider partnering with a local architect with “green” experience. Co-create downloadable design plans to package with your downloadable how-to guide.

• Start a blog about your unfolding business, with an extensive blog roll.

• If you’re the first in your kind of work to create this kind of FreeGreen spin-off then you’ll probably make news.

Get slightly famous. Remember to praise FreeGreen for the inspiration.

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