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Five Profitable Ways to Collaborate

Be an opportunity maker – for and with others. Become invaluable in this time-starved, information-glutted and transient world by speaking to the sweet spot of mutual opportunity.  If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, consider attending a morning seminar I am leading for the San Francisco chapter of IABC, thanks to the remarkable transplanted Brit, Alison Harrison. (It was such fun at the Minneapolis chapter.) More than smarts, money, contacts or even charisma, your ability to spark smarter collaboration enables you to be the go-to leader. Beyond your greatest talent your most vital strength is the ability to bring out the best side in extremely diverse people to work well together. Every attendee gets a free copy of SmartPartnering. If your work involves communication you may want to join IABC and attend their idea-packed international conference here and meet experts from around the world in June. I’d love to meet more of you face-to-face. 

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