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Involve Your Clients in Growing Your Company

Owners of small businesses are usually time-starved. They crave practical methods that have proven success. They want to get news-you-can-use tips quickly, anytime they have a spare moment. That’s what small business expert, Anita Campbell has discovered.

To increase your profits, offer
1. to your chosen niche market
2. the most valuable mix of products and services
3. in the “formats” they find most convenient

For example, Campbell provides
1. the owners of small businesses
2. with practical methods to grow their businesses
3. provided almost entirely in online formats that include an Internet radio interview show, calender of small business-related events, several web sites and blogs, newsletter, free subscriptions to others’ magazines and online forums with “over 21,700 small business folks from around the world who support and encourage each other as we grow our businesses.”

As you may have noticed, Campbell succeeds by choosing others’ best advice to share with her niche. Her expertise is in identifying the experts who will interest her clients and the ways the content will be most convenient for entrepreneurs to find and share. Plus she taps the collective intelligence by enabling entrepreneurs (and those who sell to them) to benefit by sharing advice in the forum, as blog comments and elsewhere. This all sounds obvious yet surprisingly few people get specific about these three steps to becoming the top-of-mind choice for their kind of clients (or supporters, members etc.)

If you own a business, are thinking of starting one or are a member of an organization then you could adapt this three-part “Me2We” approach. Also, like Campbell adopt these tools to differentiate your organization in your niche. That’s how she’s been able to make money via advertising from companies she respects.

Even if you chose “only” one or two of these online tools you are likely to become more credible, valued and visible than competitors who do not.

In this interview Campbell describes how she’s collaborated with others to become top-of-mind in her niche market.

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  1. Posted April 28, 2008 at 11:17 pm | Permalink


    I came upon this interview via small business trends. As I mentioned on Anita’s site it was a great interview. What I particularly was that you asked for examples which makes the interview even more interesting and relevant.

  2. Posted May 1, 2008 at 6:36 am | Permalink

    Thank you Susan for noticing. The specific examples not only prove the general conclusions they help illuminate them 0 and stick them in our minds. Anita is a goldmine of ideas, success stories (hers and others) – and generous and concrete in sharing her insights.

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