Kare’s Favorite Links


Amy Zalman, Strategic Narrative

Carmine Gallo

Clark Strategic Communications

Content Rules

Bert Decker

Donna Pappacosta / Trafalgar Communications

Figure of Speech Served Fresh

Hanging Noodles

Intelligent Content/The Rockley Group

Max Atkinson

Janine Warner

Jeff Porro

Public Words

Professionally Speaking

Speaking About Presenting

Steve Crescenzo

A Storied Career

Tongue Fu

Your Best Adventure/LaRae Quy


Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Collaborative Journeys

The Community Roundtable

Consequential Strangers

Content Rules

Content Wrangler / Scott Abel

Crucial Skills

David Sibbet

Digial Tonto / Greg Satell

Frontal Cortex / Jonah Lehrer

Full Circle / Nancy White

Greater Good

Harold Jarche

Human Behavior

Keith Ferrazzi

Making Meetings Better

Management Exchange

Mark Fidelman

Mark Goulston

Moving From Me to We


Overcoming Bias/Robin Hanson

Positive Psychology News

Say it Better

Social Media Ideas

Social Psychology Network

Sticky Communications

Vital Smarts

Whitney Johnson


Alltop Collaboration

Berkana Collaborative

Collaboration Ideas

Collaborative Journeys

Collaboration King

Collaboration Tools

Collaborative Consumption

The Community Roundtable

Convergence Culture

Crowdsource Daily



Digital Tonto

Don Tapscott

Extraordinary Groups march 2011

Evan Rosen


Innovation Ideas + Experts

Interactive Institute for Social Change

Keith Sawyer

Nancy White/Full Circle


The Social Workplace

Hit hot button w/330 comments:
There’s No Such Thing as Constructive Criticism #HBR
http://bit.ly/t3WH9M  @TonySchwartz

moving from me to we


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