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Kare Anderson

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From the turn of a phrase to the shape of a room, some of what affects our feelings and actions is beyond our conscious awareness.  Since childhood I’ve had a fascination with how and why we are instinctively repelled or drawn to certain people, situations and places.

For the past decade I’ve followed the research of behavioral scientists and other experts on quotablity, connecting or collaborating with diverse others, and storyboarding the experiences people have of events or places.

Consequently I may have relevant insights, research findings, tips or examples if you are writing a column, blog or other story on one or more of these topics – or suggest another expert who might better suit your story:

• What makes people remember and repeat what you said or wrote? (Read Kare’s Article: Speak English Like it Tastes Good)

•  From a hospital to a hotel, how can you make the on-site experience more positively memorable to staff and those you serve, by “storyboarding” the sequences of multi-sensory cues they experience while at your site? (Read Kare’s blog post: Like a Movie Director, Storyboard the Experience for Us)

Kare Anderson

HIGH RES PHOTO: Click on this photo to view a high resolution version you can download.

• Whether you are participating in a one-time project, or ongoing situation, how can you choose the right rules of engagement and other behaviors to bring out the most productive and becoming side in participants?

• What are some of the most productive ways to collaborate with others to grow your business, support a cause or co-create something new? (Read Kare’s Article: Collaborate to Stay Relevant)

• What ways of acting and speaking increase the chances that you will get along with people, especially those who are extremely different than you?

• How can you act and feel more comfortable, credible, caring and compelling in how you move, appear, speak and establish the situations and settings in which you interact with others?

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