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Ready To Turn The Page To The Adventure Story You’re Meant To Live?

hero sWhy wait until the new year begins?  What role do you really want to play in life now? What new scripts, characters and scenes do you desire, or want to drop?

Ready to overcome what Charles Duhigg dubs your “automatic pilot?”  This may seem childish yet you’re most likely to make a big change permanent by abiding by two powerfully simple notions. First picture your very specific and compelling reward for succeeding. Then picture other rewards for each small step along the way.

Plus picture what boring, unpleasant or fear-provoking task or person you will be able to view in a more comfortable light or no longer have to experience at all.

Warning: “What gets in the way of being great is being good at something” ~ Jim Collins, From Good to Greatlife meant to liven

Here are seven steps that have proved fruitful for me — when I’ve actually followed them.

1. Find Your True North to Become More Joyful?

First be clear about choosing a goal that rings true. Forget “should” or adopting someone else’s goal for you.

2. Picture Being Your Hero?

Forbes1-150x1502-2Afraid you will fail? See the rest of the column over at Forbes.

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