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1. Become a Sought-After Opportunity Maker

More than title, talent, hard work, money or even charisma, the most sought-after individuals in our increasingly connected yet complex world are those who can recruit the right team to seize opportunities and solve problems faster and better than others. They share three “mutuality minded” traits: capacity to connect with unexpected allies, recognize ways to leverage value for all participants and be frequently quoted. Kare literally demonstrates the concrete cues that enable you to hone these skills. Nothing optimizes collective performance and personal meaning more than enabling people to use their best talents together around strong sweet spots of mutual interest. This approach clearly resonates as it has attracted over 1.9 million views of Kare Anderson’s TED talk on this topic. Ready to become the glue that holds groups together?

2. Hidden Behavioral Cues That Boost or Bust Credibility

From the angle at which you face others to the shape of the room and the sound of your voice, you emanate a presence that is never neutral. Discover how to turn more situations into opportunities to bring out others better side so they are more likely to see and support yours. Kare has spent the past decade translating research into ways to become more likable, trusted and deeply connected

3. Make Your Public-Serving Place More Memorable by Storyboarding the Sequence of Scenes They Experience

From the opening scene to the satisfying ending that movie directors create to pull audiences into their story, you can design the sequence of multi-sensory and interactive times your customers feel when stepping into your place. Recognize the three key moments that are often not optimized. Learn how to conduct an “Exposures Audit” to then craft the moment-by-moment, one-of-a-kind experiences that others will rave about.

4. Make Your Conference More Meaningful by Storyboarding the Sequence of Scenes They Experience

Just as a movie director storyboards the sequence of scenes to pull audiences into the story, you can increase the number of positive multi-sensory and human interaction moments your “audience” feels when stepping into your event.  From the first sight to the last touch, increase the multi-sensory cues that nudge people to participate more fully.  Those who design conferences or other events can evoke a more memorable and meaningful experience, using Kare’s behavioral research-based storyboarding method.  Discover how to conduct an “Exposures Audit”, to then craft the moment-by-moment, one-of-a-kind experiences that attendees and exhibitors rave about and return to see again.

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