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1. Hidden Behavioral Cues That Boost or Bust Credibility

From the angle at which you face others to the shape of the room and the sound of your voice, you emanate a presence that is never neutral.
With advances in ways to study behavior we have discovered over 50 largely hidden behavior and contextual cues that affect how others feel about you. TED speaker, Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter turned Forbes and Huffington Post columnist has spent the past decade translating research into ways to become more likable, trusted, widely-quoted and sought-after.

Three Outcomes:

• Discover how to bring out others’ better side sooner so they see and support yours
• Practice four ways to communicate to connect and spur others’ bragging rights in retelling your ideas
• Become the glue that holds diverse groups together so you accomplish more, become indispensable and attract more opportunities

2. Become the Unforgettable Face of Your Firm

Do people stop listening before you stop talking? More than your smarts, good intentions, wealth, or even attractiveness your most vital traits in this increasingly complex, connected and information-flooded world are your capacity to be more widely quoted and deeply connected with diverse, sometimes unexpected allies. That’s the only way to stay relevant and sought-after. Literally see demonstrated the three vital behavioral cues that bring out others’ better side so they naturally see and support yours. Discover seven core methods ways to turn every in-person or virtual situation into an opportunity to demonstrate value and create opportunity with and for others. Learn the A.I.R. formula for making every message memorable, meaningful and actionable.
From a once phobically shy stutterer-turned-global journalist discover how to turn the next chapter of your life into the adventure story you were truly meant to live with others. As David Rockefeller Jr., said after hearing Kare speak, “She will forever change how you see yourself and your world.”

3. Turn Employees Into Avid, Articulate Ambassadors of Your Company Brand

Perhaps the biggest missed opportunity to attract more customers –and retain top talent — is to support your employees in engaging with customers, prospects and other key stakeholders in timely and helpful ways. Such connectivity strikes fear into the hearts of many executives, yet the upside benefits can far outweigh the mistakes. With the right rules in place and apt training, employees who are entrusted to be brand ambassadors are likely to strengthen relationships inside and outside your firm, see problems and opportunities sooner, generate greater shared learning with each other and boost esprit de corps. From an expert on communicating-to-connect discover exactly how to make your employees credible and compelling ambassadors for your firm. See Make Your Company Top-of-Mind and Your Employees Proud 

Three Outcomes:
1. Optimize your organization’s talents and contacts to strengthen relationships with key stakeholders
2. Solve problems and seize opportunities faster and better by involving more employees as your listening and engaging system
3. Spur relevant learning and esprit de corps among employees as they engage more with key stakeholders and with each other around meaningful projects and relationship building

4. Make Your Conference More Meaningful by Storyboarding the Sequence of Scenes They Experience

Just as a movie director storyboards the sequence of scenes to pull audiences into the story, you can increase the number of positive multi-sensory and human interaction moments your “audience” feels when stepping into your place or event.  From the first sight to the last touch, increase the multi-sensory cues that nudge people to participate more fully.  Those who manage people-serving places or events can evoke a more memorable experience in staff and those they serve, using Kare’s behavioral research-based storyboarding method.  Discover how to conduct an “Exposures Audit”, to then craft the moment-by-moment, one-of-a-kind experiences that others rave about.

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