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Six Ways to Cultivate a Sense of Mutuality With Others

1. Two Ways to Turn an Insult Into Opportunity to Bring Out Their Better Side • In Split-Second Persuasion, Kevin Dutton recalls a story in a London newspaper of “an elderly Afro-Caribbean man traveling home from work on a bus. At one bus stop a drunk guy got on and couldn’t find a seat. ‘Get up, you fat black nigger bastard!’ he shouted at the man. ‘You calling me fat?’ responded the man. The bus erupted with laughter, causing the drunk guy to stomp off the bus and the responder to attract admiration and support. “Disaster averted in just four… Read More

Stay Sought-After and Satisfied By Adopting A Mutuality Mindset

There is widespread anxiety these days about technology taking away our jobs. There are several dire and comforting scenarios ahead points out Derek Thompson in a fascinating, in-depth article in The Atlantic: “A World Without Work.” Yet in his compelling book Humans Are Underrated, Geoff Colvin found that individuals with certain traits will always manage to stay sought-after – and have more work options from which to choose. Colvin wrote that, “the evidence is clear that the most effective groups are those whose members most strongly possess the most essentially, deeply human abilities—empathy above all, social sensitivity, storytelling, collaborating, solving… Read More

How Power Connectors Become More Highly Valued

“The way to get someone to like you immediately is to find a commonality. Almost any commonality, no matter how trivial – a shared alma mater, an interest in running, a love of dogs – will get the ball rolling,” Influence author, Robert Cialdini told Reinventing You author, Dorie Clark, notes Judy Robinett in her new book, How to be a Power Connector. Sure people like people who are like them. That’s the Familiarity Effect. Some of the most enduringly popular entertainers, for example, have what’s call high Q scores, including Tom Hanks, Ellen Degeneres and Steve Martin. Some plummet. The One-Two Path Towards Greater Popularity And being likeable leads to being trusted, because one is exhibiting warmth before demonstrating competence, not the… Read More

Surprising Secret to a Satisfying and Successful Life With Others

Tension was inevitable. The stakes were high. We all wanted to be accepted into this coveted fellowship program, yet only 20% would. After a series of intensive interviews, much depended on how we played this game. The rules were odd. Eight strangers, all high-achievers, were seated at a round table, with five flat cardboard pieces in various shapes in front of each of us. Ten other just-formed teams of applicants sat at different tables in the same large meeting room. Observers with notepads were standing right behind us around each table. Become More Beneficial With Savvy Prosocial Support When the… Read More