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Create a “Hook” on Which Others Can Visibly Hang Their Ideas

“Doing something isn’t always better than doing nothing” and “The simplest rules create the most effective experience” are two of the six Laws of Subtraction advocated by Matthew May to accomplish more by doing less better. How cleverly involving of Matthew May to design the book that creates a “click moment” of recognition and response in others, according to Frans Johansson in The Click Moment. Thus he creates an enticing mental “hook” on which others can hang their related ideas. May offering just six interwoven pieces of advice to simplify our lives by letting lesser things go so we can do some things better.… Read More

Be A Successful Quitter Sooner Rather Than Later

Ironically when I was hastily hired, as an outsider, to lead a team at a company, my titular boss had placed bets with his colleagues about how long I’d last. Little did he know of the unexpected bond that naturally formed in the first meeting with my team. You see, they were all ex-military officers and I’d been a journalist. We’d lived by deadlines. A pejorative term both professions sometimes used, in frustration, when discussing individuals who did not keep deadlines was “civilians.” Together we would reverse engineer our end goal, set priorities and deadlines, then make what Peter Sims dubbed Little Bets, iteratively experimenting… Read More

Enjoy Life More With Smarter Self-Talk

“All of the significant battles are waged within the self,” wrote Sheldon Kopp. Some of our biggest inside battles are changing habits to create a more meaningful, congenial life with others. Instead we instinctively, unhappily focus on: • Those who seem much happier and more successful • Our past failures, betrayals and regrets You know that sharing your goals with others is a reinforcing nudge to stick to them, especially if you buddy up, or create a mutual accountability group. So let’s practice actionable, research-based tips together, to keep us on that longed-for path to living a meaningful life. Even… Read More

Seven Ways to Sway Others

Marshall wasn’t aware that we were closely watching him as he strode into the pool table showroom but he was the ninth unwitting participant in our experiment. He glanced at the sign “Our Three Most Popular Models” that hung above an ornately carved, antique pool table, flanked closely on either side by a bare-bones model and a lean, modern pool table. Frankly it would have been hard to avoid this scene. The sign was hanging from the ceiling at eye-level and the tables rested on the curved end extension of plush, royal purple carpet upon which he stepped after walking… Read More

Add More to Your Life by Subtraction

How clever of Matthew May to design Laws of Subtraction as what Frans Johansson dubs a “hook” — something concrete around which we can gain clarity in our own thinking and are pulled into contributing relevant ideas to his six smart laws to simplify work and life. That’s a valuable companion concept to Peter Guber’s advice, in Tell to Win: create purposeful narratives. Then you can pull others into your story because they can see a role they want to play in it. In their re-telling of your story, they reshape it, making it theirs, more multi-faceted and thus more… Read More