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Why And How To Cultivate Conviviality At Work

Sadly, “In 1985 about half of Americans said they had a close friend at work; by 2004, this was true for only 39%,” according to Wharton professor, Adam Grant. Further, “We are not only “bowling alone” suggests Stanford professor, Jeffrey Pfeffer, we are increasingly ‘working alone.’” Yet we still long for meaningful work and a sense of belonging – and organizations that support those very human desires are more likely to spur high performance and innovation. What’s the secret, then, to cultivating close-knit relationships in an organization? It’s something that groups as different as Gore, Saddleback Church, and Quantified Self… Read More

Seven Ways to Sway Others

Marshall wasn’t aware that we were closely watching him as he strode into the pool table showroom but he was the ninth unwitting participant in our experiment. He glanced at the sign “Our Three Most Popular Models” that hung above an ornately carved, antique pool table, flanked closely on either side by a bare-bones model and a lean, modern pool table. Frankly it would have been hard to avoid this scene. The sign was hanging from the ceiling at eye-level and the tables rested on the curved end extension of plush, royal purple carpet upon which he stepped after walking… Read More

Gut Instincts Quiz: See How to Get Along Better

How well do you understand how gut instincts influence your likes, dislikes, and even your attention span? Want to find out? Here are nine questions. Some of the answers may surprise you. 1. Do people get along better when talking to each other if they are facing each other or if they are standing side by side? 2. Who tends to face the person with whom they are speaking (men or women) and who tends to stand side by side, facing more or less the same way (women or men)? 3. If you want to increase the chance of knowing if… Read More

Why Waiters Cried Serving Breakfast

After a priest moved to a new parish he approached his superior one afternoon to ask, “Would you mind if I smoked while praying?” and was, not surprisingly, turned down. Yet how one makes a request has a huge impact on whether it will be granted. For example, the priest might have said, “Would you mind if I pray while I am smoking?” Setting the context with your initial comments is akin to dressing in the fashion that the people you are going to be around will approve or even admire, while still being true to yourself. Why? Because people… Read More

Five Ways to Bring Others Closer

Even though we know we are more likely to savor life and attract more opportunities to collaborate when we click with others, we often get in our own way – especially when we are distracted or worse. Here are five concrete ways to connect with others. 1. Face the world as you want to be treated We’ve all been startled by observing a passerby’s dour expression instantly transformed into a warm smile when someone they knew came into view. The fixed-face habit is increasingly common yet it limits one’s opportunities to make friends or just be treated well. I envy… Read More