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Successful Companies Are Like Caring Mothers

Co-contributor, Sandra Zoratti What should you do when someone cries or laughs at work? The same thing a go-giver, loving mother would do. Discern what provoked the emotion then seize the moment to support their greater self-understanding and confidence — and your relationship. No matter what some assert about the need to manage (aka stifle) our feelings at work, “It’s always personal” writes Anne Kreamer. We are happier and higher-performing when we can bring our full self to work, in an atmosphere where differences are welcomed and caring and civility are too, just as in a healthy family. Clearly Sumner Redstone and other bully bosses, playing the bad dad,… Read More

Want To Be More Influential? Become The Glue That Holds Diverse Teams Together

After seeing the anonymously sent photos of frightened women packed in the bottom of a freighter, destined for sex slavery, an ex-diplomat hastily assembled our team. We were intensely dedicated to find out who was profiting from the human trafficking – and to expose them. Three countries wanted to find out and so did my newspaper. Ironically, conflict soon cropped up within our team, as we followed the money trail, and almost sabotaged our work. Yet the ways we ultimately got on sync and succeeded may hold lessons for any diverse team. Our group also included a former computer hacker, ex-… Read More

Wobbly Economy: Money and Other Extrinsic Rewards Do Matter

“…the glad-handing, truth-bending form of sales is a relic” is in the promotional copy for Daniel H. Pink’s new book, To Sell is Human. It always has been for some and always will be for others, despite our greater ability, today, to verify what we are told. That is intrinsic to being human. The part where we differ continues to be the overwhelming value he places on intrinsic versus extrinsic reward. Money is one signal of how an organization values it’s employees. In this uncertain economy that some say will worsen, even resourceful, upbeat people know that circumstances can shift quickly.… Read More

Stay Sought-after by Honing Two Traits

“We are moving from sharing to cooperation to collective action,” wrote Clay Shirky. “Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than in the one where they sprung up,” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. noted long ago. Yet to fully benefit from these insights one must be perceived as valuable. The more valuable you are perceived to be, the more frequently you’ll be invited to participate. How do we demonstrate value in this increasingly connected and complex world? By being widely-known and respected for having a: 1. Vital talent, in fact being one of the best at that skill. 2.… Read More

Since Smart People Sometimes Act Stupid….

… you may want to recognize ways to avoid such self- sabotage — not that you would need such advice, of course, yet your intelligent friends might. According to the 15 experts cited by Yale professor, Robert J. Steinberg, Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid, high I.Q. people are more likely to fall into faulty thinking, yet other experts think that some of their conclusions are faulty. ”Stupid,” for example is used in the book to mean “wrong” and “smart” refers to intelligence – of a certain sort. President Clinton, for example, is called stupid because he got caught… Read More