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Six Ways to Cultivate a Sense of Mutuality With Others

1. Two Ways to Turn an Insult Into Opportunity to Bring Out Their Better Side • In Split-Second Persuasion, Kevin Dutton recalls a story in a London newspaper of “an elderly Afro-Caribbean man traveling home from work on a bus. At one bus stop a drunk guy got on and couldn’t find a seat. ‘Get up, you fat black nigger bastard!’ he shouted at the man. ‘You calling me fat?’ responded the man. The bus erupted with laughter, causing the drunk guy to stomp off the bus and the responder to attract admiration and support. “Disaster averted in just four… Read More

You Can Make Most Any Bad Situation Better

When told to tackle the widespread child malnutrition in Vietnam in 1990 as an employee of Save the Children, Jerry and Monique Sternin could easily have become overwhelmed. Plus the country’s foreign minister told them, “You have six months to make a difference.” Instead of looking at the macro problems such as polluted water, he asked the mothers in one village to meet with him to discover, together, the healthiest children and to then discover why. They found that the mothers of healthier kids were feeding their children four meals a day (using the same amount of food as other… Read More

Label Your Idea, Your Business or Yourself Before Someone Else Does

When one billionaire CEO lambasts another, labeling his technology the “roach motel of clouds” he is bound to make news. Few corporate CEOs would be that vividly denigrating except Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison. Fewer still would deliver a lightening-quick, equally negative label back, as Salesforce’s CEO Marc Benioff who compared Ellison to an “oppressive dictator” adding that Ellison’s product was a “false cloud.” Ellison batted back, describing Salesforce’s cloud: “It’s like an airplane, you fly into the cloud and you never get out.” That’s a rare public battle that shows the newsmaking power of quotability — and that when you… Read More

Humorous Way to Get Out the Vote

Encourage your neighbors to vote. Download an unusual yard sign. Over 24,000 people voted for 50 artist-designed signs at My Yard. Our Message. Thank you Bri Bigaouette for my favorite, and Dave Brynestad and DK Lockhart for my follow-up choices. As Chip and Dan Heath suggest in Made to Stick, the unexpected Read More

Want Others to Listen? First, Ask Yourself This Question

I don’t know about you but sometimes I take too long to get to the point. Instead of listening, my captive audience goes on a mental vacation. They feel talked “at” rather than “with. “ Especially if something is really important to me or I know too much on the topic I fall victim to what the Heaths dub the semantic stretch). I confuse or bore them with the “underbrush” of wordy qualifiers and background details. Once they tune me out it is very hard to get them back. Harness the Power of Us in This Flattening World Do people… Read More