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How Many Personalities Are Inside You?

That irritating co-worker you’re stuck sitting by (again!) sees a decidedly different side of you than your best friend does. That’s because you have many people inside of you (no they’re not imaginary). That’s what veteran science writer, Rita Carter discovered as she began reading about bi-polar personalities for Mapping the Mind. Emerging research shows that several, “personalities are made and kept separate in the human brain” … of everyone. Want a glimpse of how many you have? Depending on the situation and who you’re are around, different people pop out and speak for you. If it is of some… Read More

Flourish In 2014 By Discovering The Thread That Ties Your Story Together

Instead of making new year’s resolutions again this year, which are notoriously hard to keep, why not set out on a concrete path to make the next chapter of your life more meaningful and satisfying? How? By “finding the thread that ties your story together” suggests Pamela Slim in her idea-packed new book, Body of Work. Intuitively, you know that the stronger the role you can play in your career choices, the greater the chance you will be productive and happy with them. That’s why finding a way to incorporate your multiple interests and talents into a coherent whole on which you can grow your… Read More

Wobbly Economy: Money and Other Extrinsic Rewards Do Matter

“…the glad-handing, truth-bending form of sales is a relic” is in the promotional copy for Daniel H. Pink’s new book, To Sell is Human. It always has been for some and always will be for others, despite our greater ability, today, to verify what we are told. That is intrinsic to being human. The part where we differ continues to be the overwhelming value he places on intrinsic versus extrinsic reward. Money is one signal of how an organization values it’s employees. In this uncertain economy that some say will worsen, even resourceful, upbeat people know that circumstances can shift quickly.… Read More

The Bad Thing Your Brain Might Do When You Meet Someone New

When you first glimpse someone (or something) new your brain reacts instantly, but you knew that. What’s destructive is that when you instinctively feel danger – or simply irritation – you respond quicker, longer and more intensely than if you feel safe or another positive emotion. Your negative reaction to “the new” affects you much more than a positive response. Knowing that you can understand the power of choosing how to respond to what you don’t like – and the need to practice making that choice. You may set in motion a spiral up of negative reactions between you and the other… Read More

We Do Better Together – Books That Show Us How

I started this blog soon after The Age of Engagement morphed into a flood of ideas on how “we” can accomplish more together. Here are the books I’ve mentioned and authors I have interviewed. Crowdsourcing (Jeff Howe), Here Comes Everybody Clay Shirky), groundswell (Charlene Read More