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Visually Imprint Your Idea On Us So We Don’t Forget

To instantly imprint your key concept on others’ minds, create a visual representation of it, recommends Denise Brosseau, in Ready to Be a Thought Leader? For greater impact, alter an already famous visual framework to display your core idea. Here’s two examples of how others used visuals to make their core message more meaningful and memorable: In his book Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow, Chip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, altered Maslow’s familiar pyramid that shows humans’ Hierarchy of Needs. He simplified the pyramid to show three layers of needs of employees, clients and… Read More

Deepen Your Friendships

“When you throw mud you get dirty, Adlai Stephenson once dryly remarked when advised to criticize his opponent who was launching vicious, personal attacks against him in a political campaign. He lost. Yet others, including me, believe you lose ground when you throw mud. Instead, praise the part of someone that you genuinely admire when you are tempted to “go negative.” That way you can avoid being stained by your own criticism via spontaneous trait transference. That’s where listeners automatically and unintentionally associate with you the trait you cite in describing someone else. Hint: Ever wondered why people want to kill the messenger who brings bad news? That’s trait transference. Amy Sutherland wrote… Read More

The Hidden Opportunity in Being Verbally Attacked

Years ago a candidate for California Superintendant of Schools repeatedly insinuated that his opponent was lying on her business tax returns and had an affair with a student intern. His charges were immediately disputed by her accountant, the student and several co-workers at her firm. Not surprisingly, the attacks generated considerable interest in their first televised public debate that provided an unexpected akaido-style lesson for anyone who gets publically attacked. The debate was moderated by three seasoned reporters who sat at a table in front of the studio audience, facing the candidates who stood on stage behind podiums about ten… Read More

Two Secrets to Daily Happiness

Simplify. It’s clarifying. Only then can one can focus. Focus on what is really going on. From the inside out What do you feel right now? What most matters to you? What is happening, truly happening with those in the scene you are playing out right now? What best serves the situation? My friend Nate says, “What would love do now?” Gratefulness. “First things first” will be apparent. After all, “Life is short, and many of us tend to clutter our lives with things that we do not really want to do.” Smile. Focus next on proven self-esteem. We earn self-esteem when… Read More

Can You Come Out and Play?

Just as Daniel Gilbert discovered in Stumbling on Happiness that we aren’t adept at knowing how happy we will be in the future, Gal Zauberman and John G. Lynch found that we get it wrong about how much free time we’ll have. They dryly dub this effect, “Resource Slack.” Read More