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Choose How You Want to Feel

Breandan and Emma, the couple up the hill from me in Sausalito have been married 54 years, they proudly told me last year. They walked, hand-in-hand past my home each morning, usually laughing, smiling and pointing out things to each other along the way. Originally from Ireland, they listened, in bed, to BBC News at dawn so they usually had a tidbit of news to share with me if they happened to pass my home when I was finishing my lame attempt at morning exercises in the back yard. When Emma died suddenly, Breandan stopped walking. He stayed inside their… Read More

How to Get Others to Share Your Idea and Spur Buying

An anger-evoking true story that’s spreading today, “Exec loses job after allegedly slapping toddler on plane,” quickly moved Dan Schawbel to write on Facebook, “The headline should read ‘Exec gets deported from America after being a complete A@& on a plane.’” That response wouldn’t surprise Jonah Berger, author of Contagious, out March 5th, who discovered that “high arousal” negative emotions like anger or anxiety spur us to share messages with others. So do high arousal positive emotions: awe, excitement, and amusement or humor. Susan Boyle’s unexpected singing performance, for example, evoked awe and 100 million views within nine days —… Read More

Five Reasons Why Stoicism Matters Today

Guest column by Rob Goodman and Jimmy Soni, co-authors, Rome’s Last Citizen For all the press that Bill Clinton has gotten for his epic, seemingly-half-improvised convention stem-winder, one of the most revealing lines has barely earned a mention at all. We were surprised to hear Clinton called Barack Obama “a man cool on the outside, but who burns for America on the inside.” Okay, ignore the “burning for America part,” which is cheesy even by Bubba standards. What’s interesting here is that President Obama actually needed someone to go onstage and testify to his passion—to insist that, yes, it was in there somewhere.… Read More

Gut Instincts Quiz: See How to Get Along Better

How well do you understand how gut instincts influence your likes, dislikes, and even your attention span? Want to find out? Here are nine questions. Some of the answers may surprise you. 1. Do people get along better when talking to each other if they are facing each other or if they are standing side by side? 2. Who tends to face the person with whom they are speaking (men or women) and who tends to stand side by side, facing more or less the same way (women or men)? 3. If you want to increase the chance of knowing if… Read More

Sensory Cues Can Bring Others Closer

Give customers the bragging rights that spur them to tell others about their experience at your place or event. I wondered. Was it the butterscotch-colored walls, light coconut scent wafting through the door as I opened it or the cushy island of deep blue carpet under my feet as I stepped into the boutique hotel? I don’t know yet I instinctively sighed with relief. And that was before I saw the the smiling doorman walking towards me, saying, “We’re glad that you’re safely out of that storm. Let me help you with your coat, if you like, and your bag.”… Read More