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Want a Way to Get Out of Your Filter Bubble on Facebook?

A recent research finding by Morning Consult that only 5% of adults seeing social media posts on Facebook from those with a much different world view is recent sign of how social media can reinforce our living in “filter bubbles” – meaning a tendency to surround ourselves with likeminded people and ideas. Way back in 2013 I wrote in my Forbes column about Eli Pariser’s insight book on this topic. And in my blog in 2012 I cited his book and two others that warned of this tendency – The Big Sort and On Being Certain. According to the Morning… Read More

How Connective Leaders Succeed And Lead Satisfying Lives

Story: In the popular TV show, Undercover Boss, employees believe they are training a job applicant that may be hired yet they are actually teaching their CEO. “More often than not, the ‘undercover boss’ can barely perform the tasks she or he is supposed to be learning, “ according to On The Edge author and mountain climber, Alison Levine. As they patiently teach the newbie they “share their thoughts on their careers or what they think of the company, and ideas for improving the products or ideas,” writes Levine. She adds that this is akin to the leadership style of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. “He doesn’t spend his… Read More

If You Are Smart, Hardworking, Loyal And Career-Stalled…

Feeling a strong “blood tie” to his sponsor, an African American banking executive told Sylvia Ann Hewlett, the founding president of the Center for Talent Innovation, “A sponsor will smack you harder to shape up but will protect you as you move to the next level.” Sponsors Matter Much More Than Mentors “Sponsors, not mentors, put you on the path to power and influence by affecting three things: pay increases, high-profile assignments, and promotions,” Hewlett points out in her groundbreaking new book, Find a Sponsor. “While more women than men have been mentored, 15 percent more men have won promotions according to research by Catalyst, cited in Hewlett’s book.… Read More

Sheryl Sandberg’s Lessons to Succeed and Savor Your Work and Life

“I could not have gotten more headlines if I had murdered someone with an ax.” That’s author Ken Auletta’s characterization of the fervent, wildly divergent and huge public response Sheryl Sandberg received after her video interview for the PBS documentary MAKERS. What was her provocative comment? That she left the office at five thirty to have dinner with her family. Earlier, she’d spoken at the launch of Facebook Women, an in-house resource group at work. “When asked the (inevitable) question about how I balanced my job and my family,” she said that she left at five thirty and, after the… Read More

Insight From Massive Social Experiment Could Sway Voting, Spending and Other Behavior

Within minutes of taking questions, Karl Rove and Howard Dean had a largely well-informed audience deep in the weeds of their conflicting, complex facts last Monday night at our Marin Speakers Series. We watched enthralled, attempting to keep up with their swift verbal combat. This was a meatier discussion than we usually get via media coverage and the truthiness-packed saturation TV ads that are blanketing the battleground states. Our Bias Bond Us for Good and for Bad The topics they covered are innately complex, from health care to the fiscal cliff. Two women popped up early with a banner calling… Read More