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Create a “Hook” on Which Others Can Visibly Hang Their Ideas

“Doing something isn’t always better than doing nothing” and “The simplest rules create the most effective experience” are two of the six Laws of Subtraction advocated by Matthew May to accomplish more by doing less better. How cleverly involving of Matthew May to design the book that creates a “click moment” of recognition and response in others, according to Frans Johansson in The Click Moment. Thus he creates an enticing mental “hook” on which others can hang their related ideas. May offering just six interwoven pieces of advice to simplify our lives by letting lesser things go so we can do some things better.… Read More

Flourish In 2014 By Discovering The Thread That Ties Your Story Together

Instead of making new year’s resolutions again this year, which are notoriously hard to keep, why not set out on a concrete path to make the next chapter of your life more meaningful and satisfying? How? By “finding the thread that ties your story together” suggests Pamela Slim in her idea-packed new book, Body of Work. Intuitively, you know that the stronger the role you can play in your career choices, the greater the chance you will be productive and happy with them. That’s why finding a way to incorporate your multiple interests and talents into a coherent whole on which you can grow your… Read More

Grow Your Life’s Work With Others By Spreading Your Key Idea

Dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, “runs with as many as sixty-five dogs at time – many of them pit bulls with histories of aggression – without leashes or other kind of restraint,” writes John Butman. That’s because of a life-changing discovery earlier in his life when he saw that, unlike Mexicans, Americans mistakenly let their pet dogs take control. Where he grew up, in Culiacan, Mexico, dogs weren’t trained. They didn’t even have names. But he knew, even as a child, that he had “an uncanny connection with them” and it was by being in charge. That insight spurred him to come to… Read More

How Companies Keep Succeeding In The Long Run

Some believe companies are great because of leadership. Others fervently think it’s agile collaboration and innovation. Some say luck or serendipity play a larger role in this increasingly random, complex and connected world. Yet, perhaps it’s simply a matter of following three rules, suggests Michael E. Raynor and Mumtaz Ahmed, based on a staggering amount of research. Because their provocative book is complex, in places, I’ve condensed some core points into a primer of sorts that may spur you to want to read more. Three Somewhat Surprising Rules to Enduring Company Success 1. Better before cheaper: When you must decide… Read More

How to Succeed Since Success is Random

Little did Abigail Washburn know that her life would forever change after she went to a party where she heard a record of traditional folk and bluegrass singer and flatpicking guitar player, Doc Watson singing Shady Grove. She had what Frans Johansson dubs a click moment. She’d already become proficient in Chinese because she planned to study law in China, with the goal of improving U.S. Chinese relations. A Life That Turned on a Dime, As Yours Can Too After hearing Watson, she decided she wanted to learn to sing American folk songs and play the banjo so she headed… Read More