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Choose How You Want to Feel

Breandan and Emma, the couple up the hill from me in Sausalito have been married 54 years, they proudly told me last year. They walked, hand-in-hand past my home each morning, usually laughing, smiling and pointing out things to each other along the way. Originally from Ireland, they listened, in bed, to BBC News at dawn so they usually had a tidbit of news to share with me if they happened to pass my home when I was finishing my lame attempt at morning exercises in the back yard. When Emma died suddenly, Breandan stopped walking. He stayed inside their… Read More

Sheryl Sandberg’s Lessons to Succeed and Savor Your Work and Life

“I could not have gotten more headlines if I had murdered someone with an ax.” That’s author Ken Auletta’s characterization of the fervent, wildly divergent and huge public response Sheryl Sandberg received after her video interview for the PBS documentary MAKERS. What was her provocative comment? That she left the office at five thirty to have dinner with her family. Earlier, she’d spoken at the launch of Facebook Women, an in-house resource group at work. “When asked the (inevitable) question about how I balanced my job and my family,” she said that she left at five thirty and, after the… Read More

Why Men Retreat and Women then Go wild

Dr. Pierre Mornell knew he’d hit a raw nerve when both men and women began fervently nodding during his lecture on “modern man’s main secret.” That was in 1987 yet a behavioral scientist I interviewed recently said it felt like yesterday when he sat in that agitated audience. The most recurring, resentment-raising behavior between the sexes, according to Mornell is that “In our own homes, most of us ‘men’ — we would-be emperors — have no clothes. We seek down time, thus seem passive and that drives our women crazy.” 1. He/She Does Not Act Right… Like Me “We have… Read More

Perhaps More Provocative Than Political Debate: The End of Men, The Rise of Women

Tired of the hot cross-accusations and name-calling around presidential campaign politics? Then why not jump into another hot skirmish: what’s happening between men and women? It’s already getting heated in advance of the launch of Hanna Rosin’s The End of Men and the Rise of Women. No surprise with that provocative title. Here are some conversation starters, excerpts from her book that range from changing roles in careers, bed, family, violent activity and civic life — and surprising shifts re desire for marriage or children. The following excerpts book excerpts are direct quotes yet the section headlines are mine…… Read More

The Forgotten First Step for Connecting

While happiness books are all the rage, none begin by showing us the inescapable first step to connecting with others. Yet having social ties is the single best predictor of a longer, healthier, more satisfying life. That seemingly mundane step? Attention. When hired by Disney to observe what infants and toddlers paid the most attention to at their Orlando theme park and hotels I was surprised to discover that it was not the colorful, lively rides, friendly staff nor the snacks. It was their parents’ cell phones. That phone was the action center of their world as they observed it.… Read More