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What I Ultimately Learned From My Mortifying Mistake

To this day I’m mortified when I see a box of chocolates. Perhaps sharing this story may save you from embarrassing yourself in a similar way. I was in the Antwerp airport, heading back to San Francisco. Before settling into a seat at my gate I bought two indulgences for the flight home, John LeCarre’s Our Kind of Traitor, and a box of Pierre Marcolini truffles, one of the most popular brands in Europe. Within minutes I was swept into LeCarre’s masterful spy mystery. But I promised myself I would savor my truffles, eating each one slowly. At some point… Read More

What’s The Lesson in The Story You Tell?

She’d been fidgeting for some while. Suddenly, she turned and started talking to me. For two hours we’d sat silently, side-by-side at the airport gate, waiting for our small commuter airplane. Leaning on the narrow metal armrest that divided our hard seats, she looked hesitant yet determined. “Now I need to be brave for my father. I’m not sure I know how. I’ve always leaned on him for help, you see,” she nodded briefly at the man across from us. “We haven’t been on a plane since we flew here from Bogota last November. My professor advised us to leave… Read More

Is That The Story You Want To Keep Telling Others?

Writing of her secret life as a prostitute, a blogger with the pseudonym Belle de Jour had a backstory worthy of a movie script. In fact it was turned into a Showtime TV series. She wanted to have a satisfying next chapter of her life story so she wrote about it. You see she’s “a respected specialist in developmental neurotoxicology and cancer epidemiology.” Few of us lead a startling double life yet many may want to play a new role, with different scenes, settings and characters. To re-shape the story you are living, view it as a movie. That’s what Donald Miller did when… Read More

Successful Companies Are Like Caring Mothers

Co-contributor, Sandra Zoratti What should you do when someone cries or laughs at work? The same thing a go-giver, loving mother would do. Discern what provoked the emotion then seize the moment to support their greater self-understanding and confidence — and your relationship. No matter what some assert about the need to manage (aka stifle) our feelings at work, “It’s always personal” writes Anne Kreamer. We are happier and higher-performing when we can bring our full self to work, in an atmosphere where differences are welcomed and caring and civility are too, just as in a healthy family. Clearly Sumner Redstone and other bully bosses, playing the bad dad,… Read More

Be Lazy: How To Kick Back This Holiday to Pull Ahead

Remember When You Used to…. I walked through the hard driving rain, with a college friend of mine, to see his brand new home. He smiled back at me as he opened the front door, turned back, then suddenly paused. Water was dripping down on the floor from a hole in the silvery-colored entryway ceiling. Momentarily silent, he then said, looking back again with a wry grin, “Every silver lining has a cloud.” Unfortunately the woman he later married pointedly reminded him on several social occasions that we probably didn’t appreciate his corny humor. Soon his humor went underground. In… Read More