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Actionable Insights About the Power of Mutuality Mindset

Ready to live a more accomplished, adventuresome and meaningful life with others? Here are some actionable tips from Mutuality Matters that may move you to adopt that mindset: Adopt This Counterintuitive Way To Be Well-Liked One of the biggest misconceptions about connecting is seeking, first, to be liked. In fact, the counterintuitive way to get someone to like you is in knowing this core truth: If they like the way they feel when around you, they will like you. In fact, they will project onto you the character traits they most like in others, even if you have not yet… Read More

4 Ways To Say It So It Sticks In Their Minds

While the beguiling, expensive TV car ads featuring Shaquille O’Neal are warm and memorable, a cheaply made public service announcement I heard on the radio years ago has stuck in my mind as much. I heard it when I turned on the radio in my rental car. A halting, urgent-sounding older male voice began, “One in three women in Louisiana who are murdered (long pause) are murdered by their husbands. If you suspect that someone’s life is in danger, call now for help.” A woman said a phone number quickly, anxiously. She then repeated it slowly and calmly. The man added, “I wish… Read More

Why Men Retreat and Women then Go wild

Dr. Pierre Mornell knew he’d hit a raw nerve when both men and women began fervently nodding during his lecture on “modern man’s main secret.” That was in 1987 yet a behavioral scientist I interviewed recently said it felt like yesterday when he sat in that agitated audience. The most recurring, resentment-raising behavior between the sexes, according to Mornell is that “In our own homes, most of us ‘men’ — we would-be emperors — have no clothes. We seek down time, thus seem passive and that drives our women crazy.” 1. He/She Does Not Act Right… Like Me “We have… Read More

Seven Ways to Sway Others

Marshall wasn’t aware that we were closely watching him as he strode into the pool table showroom but he was the ninth unwitting participant in our experiment. He glanced at the sign “Our Three Most Popular Models” that hung above an ornately carved, antique pool table, flanked closely on either side by a bare-bones model and a lean, modern pool table. Frankly it would have been hard to avoid this scene. The sign was hanging from the ceiling at eye-level and the tables rested on the curved end extension of plush, royal purple carpet upon which he stepped after walking… Read More

Take a Life-Changing Way to Celebrate This Holiday

What’s next for you? What do you really want to Dare Dream Do now? See this holiday as an opportunity to reach deep inside to consider what you are most called to do at this time in your life. What’s atrophied inside your soul? Most of all what are the passionate interests you keep putting off? Jumpstart your new life this holiday: 1. What if you spend quiet time contemplating the dream you most want to come true? 2. Making it more concrete in the here and now? 3. Then take a walk/talk with someone close and bounce around the… Read More