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Disagree? Ways to Keep Talking Instead of Arguing

He takes a stupid stand. (Translation: he hit my hot button.) My first response is to dislike him. (Apparently that’s a universal reaction.) My distaste shows on my face and in my tone, despite my attempt to cover my feelings in a cloak of civility. Even friends or sympathetic bystanders take a psychic step back. Naturally he reacts in one of two ways: Stepping Back (saying little, going blank-faced, silent or even walking away) or Escalating Up (counter-attacking, speaking louder, standing closer). It’s instinctual – beyond our conscious choice. These are rapid, thin slices of gut reactions and responses. The… Read More

Feel you flubbed that last speech? you gave?

You’ll feel much better after watching Phil Davison’s emotional appeal for support. To put it dryly his talk amply demonstrates that being genuine and emotionally committed to one’s point of view does not necessarily mean you will connect with your audience.. Also, having apparently apt credentials like a Masters in Communication, does not necessarily mean one has mastered the skill. In the apparent absence of their use Davison demonstrates the vital need in preparing for a speech to: 1, Discern, ahead of time, what most matters to your audience. 2. Craft an outline for your talk with a main point, no… Read More